Wearing their favorite player's jersey, Robin Kemp and her fiance, James Peebles, are preparing to show their love for one another in a New England Patriots themed wedding.

DERRY -- When Robin Kemp and her fiance walk down the aisle, it will look more like a football game than a wedding.

That's because Kemp and James Peebles have planned a wedding dedicated to their favorite sports team, the New England Patriots.

Instead of flowers, Kemp's flower girl will be throwing out penalty flags. Instead of an altar, the newlyweds will say their vows on a Patriots rug. And instead of the usual black-and-white vestments, their justice of the peace is waiting until the big day to surprise them with his attire. He has said he will either don a cut-off sweatshirt like Bill Belichick or the black-and-white zebra stripes of a referee.

"We want people to celebrate and hopefully by then we'll be 9-0," Kemp said of the Patriots' winning record.

The whole idea started as a joke when the Derry couple met last March, but since then, it has taken on a life of its own. Both have gone through previous marriages and decided they wanted a more casual wedding for their guests. "Weddings are stuffy, predictable and run-of-the-mill," Kemp said. Their wedding that will be held on Nov. 10 at the Elks Lodge in Haverhill, Mass.

Although they will be wearing the typical wedding dress and suit for the actual nuptials, once that is over they will be changing into Patriots jerseys, each with their favorite players' names on the back.

"I think it's a guy's dream to have a woman who likes football," said Kemp, who will be wearing uniform No. 54 in support of linebacker Tedy Bruschi. Peebles will be wearing former Pats' tight end Daniel Graham's No. 82.

The two are such diehard fans that they scheduled their wedding for the Patriots bye week so they wouldn't miss the game.

"No way was I going to miss a game, even for a wedding," said Kemp, while wearing a Patriots T-shirt, her usual daily attire.

Peebles, who works the night shift as a machinist, said he never gets a chance to watch Monday night football, but his bride-to-be makes sure he stays updated on the games with scores and big plays with text messages. Kemp also has to miss some games because of her work schedule as a child care counselor, but said he makes sure to return the favor by keeping her updated.

"I've converted some of the other people at work to become football fans like myself," said Kemp.

And don't even think about wearing another team's colors to the celebration. Peebles has already warned his friends and family that they won't be allowed into the party if they are not wearing Patriots red, white and blue.

But the best surprise would be if Patriots owner Robert Kraft showed up to the wedding accompanied by Patriots players.

"We even sent them an invitation, but we don't expect them to show up," Peebles said. "But it would be nice."

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