DERRY — Candidates have officially signed up to run for the offices of Derry state representative in District 6 and as delegates to the state convention.

Derry's District 6 has 10 state representatives. Those filing to run for positions in the September primary election on Sept. 8 and hoping to make the November ballot are:

Republican/state representative: Incumbents seeking another term are John Potucek, David Love, David Milz, Phyllis Katsakiores, Richard Tripp, Katherine Prudhomme O'Brien and Stephen Pearson. Others running are Lauren LaMarsh, Anne Copp, Thomas Cardon, Lorraine M. Lindenberg, Erica Layon, Rebecca L. Nevin and Mary Ann Kimball.

Democrat/state representative: Incumbent Mary Eisner is running again and is joined on the primary ballot by Michelle Sawyer Moge, Beatrice Vargas, Erin Spencer, Thomas Wood, Mary Till, Johnathan A.Z. West, Paul Doolittle and Owen Ingram.

Delegate to Republican convention: John Potucek, Brian Chirichiello, Lauren LaMarsh, Anne Copp, Jodi Nelson, Katherine Prudhomme-O'Brien, Richard Tripp, Phyllis Katsakiores, David Love, David Milz, Thomas Cardon, Diana LaChance, Erica Layon, Pau Michael Freitas, James Morgan, Danielle Rieger, David Granese, Gloria Armstrong, Mary Ann Kimball, John T. O'Connor, Arthur "Bud" Evans II, James MacEachern.







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