DERRY —The town administrator got a big vote of support from town councilors along with another five years on the job.

Town Administrator David Caron will serve Derry for another five years, after councilors approved a contract at a meeting Oct. 15.

Caron was hired in October of 2016 after a months-long town administrator search.

He had served prior as the town manager in Jaffrey and also led Londonderry as its town manager for 10 years prior to resigning in 2012.

Town Councilor Brian Chirichiello said Caron has done a great job.

"I'm very happy with what the town administrator has provided us," Chirichiello said, adding Derry had a "revolving door" for years with many past administrators having very short terms or not working out.

"We had some tough times," Chirichiello said.

Councilor Neil Wetherbee said Caron has provided Derry with continuity and new ideas.

"I was here when we didn't have the continuity," Wetherbee said, "and it was hard to stay on course."

Councilor Jim Morgan said Caron keeps things going in a positive direction.

"And thank you for accepting the challenge of coming to Derry," Morgan told Caron at the recent meeting. "I think there would be people knocking down the door (for your job) today, but there weren't people knocking the door down 34 months ago. I think it's awesome you took the challenge and I can see the passion you have for the job. The passion you have for stuff, it's commendable. You're a great find."

Caron's new contract starts July 1, 2020 and runs through June 30, 2025. His base salary will be $150,250 for this fiscal year and the next, and after that the number will show a 3% increase for the remaining four years on the contract, according to Morgan.

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