DERRY — Incumbents and newcomers have tossed their names in the ring to hopefully win at the polls in March.

That includes two current town councilors who want another term at the table.

The filing period ended Friday for those wishing to sign up to run for various open town and School District positions.

Open positions for town jobs and those filing to run are: town councilor, District 3 for three years, incumbent Neil Wetherbee;  town councilor-at-large, three years, incumbent Joshua Bourdon.

Mary Till will not run for another term as town moderator, but Christina "Tina" Guilford signed up to run for the two-year position.

Both Derry Public and Taylor libraries have trustee positions up for election this year. Signing up to run for Derry Public Library trustees for three years (three openings), are incumbent Valerie Roche, along with Eric Walters, George B. MacIntyre Jr., Linda Coate, Theresa Leney, Jeanne Roussel, Monica Cataldo, Margaret Ives and Rachael Armstrong. Incumbent Jillien Klok is joined by Candice Westgard for the two open Taylor Library Trustee jobs.

Incumbent Dina Bourassa also filed for the open Supervisor of the Checklist position. There is also one open three-year term for Trustee of the Trust Funds.

Voters will also choose two school board members with incumbent Paul Lutz signing up to run for another three-year term. Others hoping to win a seat are Jessica Ring, Derick Anderson and Anne Copp.

Election day is Tuesday, March 10 with polls open in Derry from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Districts 1 and 4 voters cast ballots at Gilbert H. Hood Middle School; District 2 votes at Calvary Bible Church, and District 3 voters head to West Running Brook Middle School.


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