DERRY — Monday morning Derry police received a call that a live round of ammunition was found on a school bus that brought students to Pinkerton Academy and Derry Village School, Capt. Vernon Thomas said.

The school district "identified where it came from and took the appropriate actions," Thomas said. "We will do some follow-up."

No gun was brought to either school in the district, Thomas said.

The bullet was reported at 10:24 a.m., after the bus from First Student Inc. had been parked for a while, Thomas said.

The school district worked in conjunction with the Police Department, but the School District did the majority of the investigating, he said.

"We stopped investigating when we received confirmation it wasn't a Pinkerton student" who brought the bullet onto the bus, the school's Director of Communications Julia Mitchell said. "And we found that out pretty quickly after it happened."

The district was able to access bus videos and talk with students to determine where it came from, Thomas said.

Representatives from the Derry School District and First Student Inc. did not immediately respond for comment.

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