DERRY — A new downtown brewing effort is underway and will offer not only new products for customers to enjoy, but also will move forward a mission to make the area a tourist destination.

Andy Day and Alana Wentworth, owners of both Cask and Vine and Doire Distillery on Broadway, plan to start a new venture, Daydreaming Brewing Company, that will offer traditional English-style ales and brews.

“This felt like the next piece for us,” Day said.

Day and Wentworth opened Cask and Vine on Broadway several years ago and Doire followed a few years later.

Bringing this type of beverage to his establishments in Derry will be different and exciting, Day said. He credited support from not only the town, but state and federal officials working on all the permitting and approvals needed to move his — and many other similar establishments — forward.

All around Derry, Londonderry and elsewhere in the state, craft breweries are generating economic growth, with no signs of slowing down.

Jeff Cozzens, president of the New Hampshire Brewers Association, said the craft beer industry is a big boon to the Granite State, generating millions.

“New Hampshire beer is a smashing success,” Cozzens said during a visit to Rockingham Brewing Company on Corporate Drive in Derry earlier this month. “The industry has grown from 17 independent New Hampshire brewers in 2013 to almost 90 today.”

And it’s more than just the money coming in for the breweries, said Londonderry Town Manager Kevin Smith.

“These places are also destinations, especially for craft beer aficionados,” Smith said.

“Thus, when you have a number of these breweries in such a small region, it brings people to Londonderry and Derry, who might have otherwise not had a reason to visit,” he continued. “And when that occurs, you are now expanding their knowledge of the area such that they may want to shop or visit other businesses in town. And in some cases, they may even want to live here.”

In Londonderry, 603 Brewery made a big move last year from its former Liberty Drive location to a new 18,000-square-foot building at the 600-acre Woodmont Commons Development. Pipe Dream Brewing, also in Londonderry, is also growing. The owners opened a new coffee space within its event room at 49 Harvey Road.

Smaller breweries are also getting support from not only each other, but from the federal government.

New Hampshire Sen. Maggie Hassan paid a visit earlier this month to Rockingham Brewing Company, touting the Craft Beverage Modernization and Tax Reform Act, which will lower the excise tax from $7 down to $3.50 per barrel for brewers making less than 2 million barrels of beer every year.

For Rockingham co-owner Ali Leleszi, that’s an opportunity to put more funding into the business — about $3,000 per year. That could support hiring additional staff or other business upgrades. Last summer, Rockingham celebrated a major doubling of its tap room size at its Corporate Drive location.

Rockingham is part of a list of breweries in the Derry/Londonderry area, with several located within a 5-mile radius. Being included in the state’s beer trail tour also brings in the crowds.

Not far from Rockingham on Corporate Drive is From the Barrel Brewing Company, another smaller brewery that made the move to a new space. From the Barrel’s Jay Anderson said the network of area breweries is a strong one.

“There is a lot of collaboration together from a beer standpoint, and marketing,” Anderson said. “We each have a unique style and it’s a destination for people.”

Anderson added with local breweries located in close proximity right off Interstate 93, people can visit several spots and try all kinds of beer offerings to find what they like.

And for Leleszi, it’s about a close-knit community of mutual support.

“We couldn’t have picked better friends and neighbors,” she said. “We support each other, everyone does work together.”

That sentiment of mutual support runs deeply in what Day and Wentworth hope to continue — a good product, great friendship, hard work, and appreciating what each other does.

“It’s a fun front of the house, and behind the scenes it’s fun,” Wentworth said. “You work hard, but it’s fun.”

Day said Daydreaming Brewing Company will be a great new opportunity to build community and business. He also credited fellow brewers for ongoing friendship and support.

“We are friends, drinking beer together,” he said. “They couldn’t have been more supportive.”

Once all permits are in place, Day and Wentworth hope to have Daydreaming Brewing Company officially up and running in the spring.

Day said the name “Daydreaming” was created with a somewhat personal touch in mind.

“We were looking to be creative,” he said, noting the inclusion of his own name in the title.

And also, he said, daydreaming can produce some solid new ideas.

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