What’s your favorite holiday tradition?Connor Kerrigan, 10

Matthew Thornton Elementary, Londonderry “In the winter time, I like putting ornaments on the tree. I have a sister who helps. I also have a star for the top. It takes about 45 minutes.”

Bruce Hallowell Londonderry

Bruce Hallowell, 8, Matthew Thornton Elementary, Londonderry

Bruce Hallowell, 8

Matthew Thornton Elementary, Londonderry “I like it on Christmas morning to go into my brother and sister’s room and get them up and then we go get our presents. My Dad films us coming down. He goes down first to see if Santa Claus came.”

Juliana Doherty Londonderry

Juliana Doherty, 7, Matthew Thornton Elementary, Londonderry

Juliana Doherty, 7

Matthew Thornton Elementary, Londonderry “My favorite holiday tradition is on Christmas. We all get pajamas that match. We put them on Christmas Eve. I don’t like it when my Mom always goes down on Christmas morning first.”

Colton Rich Londonderry

Colton Rich, 9, Matthew Thornton Elementary, Londonderry

Colton Rich, 9

Matthew Thornton Elementary, Londonderry

“Christmas is close to my birthday. I like having my birthday close. Sometimes I go to my Nana’s house and we kind of have a Christmas party.”

Bradley Mitchell Londonderry

Bradley Mitchell, 6, Matthew Thornton Elementary, Londonderry

Bradley Mitchell, 6

Matthew Thornton Elementary, Londonderry “On Christmas my favorite thing to do is open my presents. I really want to see Santa, too. I always wake up on the middle of the night and I sometimes want to go downstairs to see Santa so I can hug him. I try and I try. Last year it was the middle of the night and I saw presents.”

Louis Loranger  Windham

Louis Loranger, 5, Windham Cooperative School, Windham

Louis Loranger, 5

Windham Cooperative School “I like to open presents and open stockings and mine is a koala stocking. We decorate the tree and make gingerbread cookies, but we don’t leave any for Santa as it’s too close. We make him chocolate chip cookies. I also want a stuffed hedgehog. We are doing a play at school and I’m a hedgehog.”

Landon Fitzpatrick Windham

Landon Fitzpatrick, 6, Windham Cooperative School, Windham

Landon Fitzpatrick, 6

Golden Brook School, Windham “We decorated a tree and I’ve got an Elf. He goes on the tree during the day, but at night he does silly stuff. Today he was in the toilet tissue.”

James Emery Windham

James Emery, 4, Windham Cooperative School, Windham

James Emery, 4

Windham Cooperative School “We hang up decorations and my favorite is a shark ornament. I like to get presents from Santa. We leave him cookies and chocolate milk.”

Reed Bochenek Windham

Reed Bochenek, 9, Golden Brook School, Windham

Reed Bochenek, 9

Golden Brook School, Windham “My favorite thing is opening presents on Christmas. We also make cookies, chocolate chip. And we decorate gingerbread houses.”

Bryce Bochenek Windham

Bryce Bochenek, 12, Windham Middle School, Windham

Bryce Bochenek, 12

Windham Middle School “Our favorite holiday tradition is looking for gifts for our parents. And every year we take a vacation in the White Mountains.”

Naovy Ortega Derry

Naovy Ortega, 10, Grinnell Elementary School, Derry

Naovy Ortega, 10

Grinnell Elementary School, Derry

“I like to open presents and I like to be with my family.”

Hailey Brown, Derry

Hailey Brown, 10, Grinnell Elementary School, Derry

Hailey Brown, 10

Grinnell Elementary School, Derry

“Opening presents and hanging out with my family. We also hang out at my grandparents’ house and open more presents.”

Caoillainn Haggett Derry

Caoillainn Haggett, 9, Grinnell Elementary School, Derry

Caoillainn Haggett, 9

Grinnell Elementary School, Derry

“I like when me and my Mom go up to Maine to see my family. We open presents. Then me and my Mom go back to our house and open more presents.”

Gary Metallic. Derry

Gary Metallic, 7, Grinnell Elementary School

Gary Metallic, 7

Grinnell Elementary School, Derry

“We drive around and look at lights and we have hot cocoa while we are driving around. Then we write letters to Santa and say goodbye to our elf, make cookies for Santa and I like to hang out with each other.”

Caleb Woodcock. Derry

Caleb Woodcock, 8, Grinnell Elementary School, Derry

Caleb Woodcock, 8

Grinnell Elementary School, Derry

“I like Christmas and spending time with my family. We make cookies for Santa and I add some holiday lights.”

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