St. Thomas Aquinas School in Derry announces its Honor Roll for the first trimester. The following students were honored:

Grade three

High Honors —Sean Moran, Adam Konow, Alison Jenness, Carter McCoy, Allie Eakes-Zygmont

Honors — Meara Grieder, Veronika Ovtchinnikov-Gutierrez, Antonio Coviello

Grade four

High Honors — Ethan Howard

Honors —Sphya Fitzell

Grade five

High Honors — Clare Mitchell, Elena Travassos

Honors — Abigail Davidson, Spinnaker Ford, Paige Kidder, Lulu Morara, Maria Thompson, Mary Thompson

Grade six

High Honors — Giuseppe Coviello, Eve DeBeckers

Honors — Seamus Chase

Grade seven

High Honors —Tyler Welch

Honors — Alyssa Colbert, Dean Kidder

Grade eight

High Honors — Adam Davidson, Angela Garcia, Mira Kondor

Honors — Tiger an, Aiden Chase, Finnley DeBeckers, Luke Hanson, Kaiden Zinck


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