DERRY — The sign may soon say “approved.”

An updated sign ordinance is headed back to the Town Council for final approval after the Planning Board finally gave the document its OK.

For several months, the topic of upgrading the town’s sign rules has come before town officials hoping to make some amendments to the rules for installing signs around the community.

Those discussions include what sizes and types of signs will be allowed.

It’s been a long process, with about seven workshops and several public hearings over the course of many months. The document went back and forth between the Town Council and Planning Board.

Code enforcement director Bob Mackey said the updated sign rules are solid and should be good for the town.

“It’s more business-friendly, more clear to the public,” he said.

The town began revisiting its sign rules after a subcommittee put in place under the Planning Board slowed its pace on the project.

Revisions include language upgrades and clearer definitions for different types of signs in various zones in town.

A lot of emphasis was put on the size of allowable real estate signs on both commercial and residential properties.

Mackey said the ordinance language has been cleaned up.

“We consolidated some of the provisions for signs into one section to make it easier and more clear as to what’s allowed,” he said.

Planning Board member John O’Connor wanted to make sure the upgraded ordinance gave code enforcement the right tools to use with anyone not following the rules.

“Does this give you the teeth to do what you need to do?” O’Connor asked Mackey.

Mackey said the document is strong and clearly spells out what’s allowed and what’s not.

The updated sign rules will now go to the Town Council for that long-awaited approval.

“It will hopefully now become final,” Mackey said.

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