On Friday, May 4, Pinkerton Academy English teacher Kate Drouin, as Balthasar, trades insults with the Capulet family during a rehearsal of the annual faculty play titled "Romeo and Winifred, a Tragical Comedy in Two And a Half Acts." The play runs next Thursday and Friday. Behind Drouin are, left to right, Hervey Macomber, an English teacher playing Benvolio, English teacher Heidi Parenti as Nick, Social Studies teacher John Vaccarreza as Vinnie and Steve Gundrum, a physics teacher playing Mercutio.

DERRY | Fifty Pinkerton Academy staff members take the stage this week in the school's annual faculty play.

The play, "Romeo and Winifred, a Tragical Comedy in Two and a Half Acts" is presented Thursday and Friday at the academy's Stockbridge Theatre.

This year's offering is a "tragical comedy" based on the Shakespearean classic, "Romeo and Juliet," featuring teachers and staffers in the roles of Capulet and Montague family members. The play is produced with special arrangement from Pioneer Drama Services Inc.

This is the 16th annual faculty play, with proceeds going to support scholarships for graduating seniors. Thousands of dollars have been raised for the scholarship fund by the play.

The curtain goes up at 7 p.m., with tickets priced at $5 available at the door.

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