DERRY — New homes will now be assigned individual numbers and street names in line with the state's standards for enhanced 911 services, all in an effort to improve emergency response time,

Fire Chief George Klauber told the Planning Board all new construction and subdivisions should follow the state's address standards. That means the town would amend its land use regulations to require all new homes to meet the standards set by the New Hampshire Department of Safety Division of Emergency Services, Bureau of Emergency Communications Addressing Standards Guidelines.

Planners voted unanimously last month to grant approval to Londonderry developer Jean Gagnon for a 10-lot subdivision known as Deer Run at Adams Pond.

That plan is the town's first to use the enhanced 911 address numbering criteria.

Right now, there is no plan to renumber all the homes in town.

"No changes are recommended on current streets," Klauber said. "That would be a huge undertaking, and it can be controversial."

That's especially true for residents who have had the same house number for decades.

Another concern is that Derry has many streets and roads with very similar names, like Beaver Road, Beaver Lake Road and even a Beaver Lake Avenue.

"That, for us in public safety, is problematic," Klauber said.

The standard for naming new homes and streets is not a state requirement.

"It's recommended," he said. "This is a first step in the process. At least we can start and say the new streets in Derry can meet this standard."

Town Administrator John Anderson said it's all about keeping people safe.

"We are making sure our public safety people can respond to calls immediately," he said. "Every minute there are delays in responding to an emergency, someone's life is in peril."

Officials will review the town's subdivision regulations to make sure the language is included to comply with the state's enhanced 911 plan.

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