DERRY — Planning officials got an early look last week at projects that are on the radar as part of the town’s Capital Improvement Plan.

The presentation, given by acting Town Administrator Larry Budreau and Chief Financial Officer Frank Childs, was given as per the town’s charter and was a very early look at some projects on the radar for the next five fiscal years.

Requests range from fire station renovations and upgrades to road projects and police station improvements.

This was just an early draft presentation of CIP requests and not all plans would be approved as part of the town’s final budget in May.

Some projects listed for fiscal year 2015 are now pushed into the future, including a $300,000 highway project for North High Street work. Another $100,000 Tsienneto Road project has been moved out to fiscal year 2017.

“Some projects are also taken off the list,” Childs said.

One project dropping off the list is a $325,000 plan to extend Merchants Row to South Avenue, part of a plan that was in the works to develop that area of the downtown for economic development purposes.

“But nothing is happening with the Abbott Court project now,” Childs said.

Another $750,00 East Derry Road project also was removed from the list.

Childs said this early CIP information would, no doubt, go through many changes once budget season officially gets underway.

“Some of these projects will fall off or be pushed out, based on budget work,” he said.

Childs said any feedback from the Planning Board goes back into the budget preparation process.

There will be many budget workshops ahead as town departments present their numbers to the Town Council.

The Town Council will finalize the budget in May, including final CIP tallies.

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