DERRY | A 120-foot cellular phone tower will be built on Route 28 to provide better coverage to customers and those who travel the road.

After months of debating the project, the Planning Board approved a proposal on Wednesday night to build a cell tower on a 50-by-50 foot plot of land behind Dollar Bill's Discount World at 133 Rockingham Road. The tower will be 48 inches at its base, taper to 28 inches at the top and hold nine antennas.

The Zoning Board of Appeals granted Omnipoint Communications, a subsidiary of T-Mobile, a variance several months ago to build on the cell tower. The variance was needed because the tower will be in an area where the town doesn't allow them.

The objective is coverage for 139 customers and 15,000 drivers who use the road daily. Omnipoint Communications Inc. is leasing the property from Jen-Bill Co., which owns Dollar Bill's.

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