, Derry, New Hampshire

May 30, 2013

NEGTC gymnasts perform well

Derry News

---- — New England Gymnastics Training Center of Hudson competed at the Prep-Opt/X-Cel State Meet May 17-19 in Dover.

The top finishers from this meet will compete at the Prep-Opt/X-Cel Regional Meet June 8 and 9.

NEGTC’s Katlyn Maloney of Nashua and Jessica Wambsganss of Hudson have both earned spots on the regional team, and Courtney Johnston of Londonderry is an alternate.

Silver, Ages 6-9

Ava Houle, Litchfield, placed 12th All Around with a 34.95. She received a 9.0 on vault (third), an 8.65 on bars (15th), an 8.4 on beam (13th), and an 8.9 on floor (11th).

Silver, Age 10

Samantha Poole, Hudson, placed 18th All Around with a 34.875. She received an 8.45 on vault (12th), an 8.85 on bars (12th), an 8.875 on beam (11th), and an 8.7 on floor (14th).

Silver, Ages 13-plus

Courtney Johnston, Londonderry, placed ninth All Around with a 34.30. She received an 8.75 on vault (third), an 8.25 on bars (13th), an 8.2 on beam (10th), and a 9.1 on floor (first).

Jennifer Carrier, Londonderry, placed 12th All Around with a 34.075. She received an 8.0 on vault (10th), an 8.775 on bars (fifth), an 8.35 on beam (ninth), and an 8.95 on floor (fourth).

Desiree Freeman, Hudson, placed 15th All Around with a 32.825. She received an 8.7 on vault (fourth), a 7.65 on vault (15th), an 8.0 on beam (11th), and an 8.475 on floor (ninth).

Platinum, Ages 10-15

Lillia Szewczyk, Hudson, placed ninth All Around with a 33.45. She received a 7.65 on vault (ninth), an 8.45 on bars (ninth), an 8.325 on beam (ninth), and a 9.025 on floor (sixth).

Kim McKenna, Hudson, placed 11th All Around with a 31.625. She received an 8.125 on vault (seventh), an 8.95 on bars (fifth), a 6.8 on beam (11th), and a 7.75 on floor (13th).

Rachel Lavallee, Pelham, placed 13th All Around with a 30.825. She received a 7.85 on vault (eighth), an 8.35 on bars (10th), a 6.725 on beam (12th), and a 7.9 on floor (12th).

Platinum, Ages 16-plus

Katlyn Maloney, Nashua, placed first All Around with a 35.725. She received an 8.25 on vault (sixth), a 9.1 on bars (first), a 9.0 on beam (second), and a 9.375 on floor (first).

Jessica Wambsganss, Hudson, placed seventh All Around with a 34.475. She received an 8.05 on vault (seventh), an 8.75 on bars (fifth), an 8.75 on beam (fourth), and an 8.925 on floor (seventh).

The girl’s teams are coached by owner Tim Madore, Melanie Streeter, Justine Turner, Ashley Neagle, Kristin Torrisi, Jodi Turner, Nicole Quadros and Leylyn Lebel.

New England Gymnastics Training Center is located at 5 Tracy Lane, off Route 102 (next to Comcast cable) on the Londonderry/Hudson town line.