, Derry, New Hampshire


March 14, 2013

Local gymnasts do well at meet


LEVEL 6, child age division

Leila Flanders, Nashua, placed sixth All Around with a 34.925. She received a 9.125 on vault (fifth), a 9.050 on bars (first), an 8.550 on beam (eighth), and an 8.2 on floor (12th).

LEVEL 6, junior age division

Samantha Gibbs, Derry, placed 14th All Around with a 32.025. She received a 8.5 on vault (13th), a 7.1 on bars (14th), an 8.175 on beam (11th), and a 8.25 on floor (12th).

LEVEL 7, child age division

Thaovy Le, Nashua, placed fifth All Around with a 35.8. She received a 9.15 (fourth) on vault, an 8.9 on Bars, (fourth), a 9.0 on beam (fifth), and an 8.75 on floor (ninth).

Isabella Cebrero, Hudson, placed 10th All Around with a 34.025. She received a 9.15 on vault (fifth), a 7.8 on bars (eighth), an 8.0 on beam (11th), and a 9.075 on floor (fifth).

LEVEL 7, senior age division

Elizabeth Bilodeau, Derry, placed fourth All Around with a 34.175. She received an 8.775 on vault (eighth), an 8.650 on bars (third), an 8.45 on beam (fourth), and an 8.3 on floor (ninth).

LEVEL 8, child age division

Audrey Hill, Chester, placed 12th All Around with a 34.150. She received an 8.1 on vault (13th), an 8.725 on bars (ninth), an 8.2 on beam (14th), and a 9.125 on floor (fourth).

Skyler Bomba, Hudson, placed 14th All Around with a 33.8. She received a 7.85 on vault (16th), an 8.7 on bars (10th), an 8.55 on beam (12th), and an 8.7 on floor (13th).

Kamryn Ford, Litchfield, placed 16th All Around with a 32.075. She received an 8.075 on vault (14th), a 7.625 on bars (16th), an 8.375 on beam (13th), and an 8.0 (16th) on floor.

LEVEL 8, junior age division

Abigail Guilfoil, Nashua, placed 10th All Around with a 31.0. She received an 8.35 (seventh) on vault, a 6.25 on bars (10th), a 7.8 on beam (10th), and an 8.6 (12th) on floor.

Camille Lamont, Londonderry, received a 7.70 on beam (11th) and an 8.775 (seventh) on floor.

LEVEL 8, senior age division

Jill McIntire, Londonderry, received a 6.725 (eighth) on bars and a 9.059 on floor (first).

LEVEL 9, junior age division

Hailey Reiff, Litchfield, placed first All Around with a 35.725. She received a 9.35 on vault (first), an 8.450 on bars (second), an 8.925 on beam (first), and a 9.0 (first) on floor.

New England Gymnastics Training Center is located at 5 Tracy Lane, off Route 102 on the Londonderry/Hudson town line.

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