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December 6, 2012

Former Astro marks her mark at Rivier

Former Astro stars at Rivier


“She’s head and shoulders the best female player I’ve ever had in 14 years and the best female player ever at Rivier,” Kolek said. “She dominates at the net and she does it all. It’s really amazing.”

Finlayson credits Kolek for her soaring development at Rivier, but he deflects much of the praise.

“Because she had the athleticism, it was easy to teach her things,” Kolek said. “It was just her doing things over and over, and developing consistency.”

Although she may have gotten tired of the sport, Finlayson believes her gymnastics training was instrumental to her development as a volleyball player.

“Gymnastics had a lot to do with it,” she said. “I could jump high because of it and I had pretty good power, and you need both.”

Partly because of her success at volleyball, but maybe more because she just loves playing so much, Finlayson has no intention of quitting the sport. With the college season over, she’s playing in an adult league and next month she’s trying out for a New England team that has just joined the Professional Volleyball League.

“I definitely want to play as long as I can,” said Finlayson, a biology major who ultimately would like to be a physician’s assistant.

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