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January 10, 2013



The WCO training class includes presentations on the capture and handling of wildlife, humane and ethical concerns, relevant New Hampshire state laws and rules, federal rules covering certain species, wildlife diseases, best management practices and proper trapping techniques.

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Players sought for Granite

State Baseball League

The Granite State Baseball League is currently looking for players and teams to compete in the 2013 season.

The GSBL was established in 1992 and is the premier amateur adult baseball league in New Hampshire.

Teams play 18 regular season games on Sundays, starting in April.

Playoffs begin in August and the league hosts an annual All-Star Game. There are currently 14 teams that compete in 28+ and 38+ divisions.

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Forget sheep, count turkeys

CONCORD – If you see a flock of wild turkeys in New Hampshire this winter, the New Hampshire Fish and Game Department wants you to report it via the online NH Wild Turkey Winter Flock Survey.

Report any turkey flocks seen through March 31 by filling out a simple electronic survey form posted on Do not report multiple sightings of the same flock.

Turkeys are easy to see during the winter because they gather in large, highly visible flocks. The winter flock survey bolsters Fish and Game’s understanding of the abundance and distribution of turkeys during New Hampshire’s challenging winter months.

Participants are asked to report the number of turkeys in the flock; where they were seen; the type of habitat the birds were observed in; and what the turkeys were feeding on (acorns, beechnuts, seed at birdfeeders, corn silage, etc.).

The survey is designed to fill gaps in Fish and Game’s existing winter flock data collection efforts.

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