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February 27, 2014

Local gymnasts compete in Manhattan

Gym-Ken Gymnastics compulsory and optional teams competed at the Manhattan Classic in New York City. The competition was at Pier 94 on the Hudson River.

There were teams from all over the United States, including Texas, Oklahoma and Nebraska. The girls loved every minute of it. The gymnasts and their families enjoyed a few days of sightseeing, shopping, dining and even a Broadway show.

Level 3

From Windham: Heather Brayer scored 9.250 on vault, 8.550 on bars, 8.450 on beam, 9.350, fifth on floor and 35.6 All Around.

Avery Chaloux scored 9.050 on vault, 8.5 on bars, 7.5 on beam, 8.7 on floor and 33.750 All Around.

Madison MacDonald scored 8.9 on vault, 8.6 on bars, 8.4 on beam, 8.825 on floor and 34.725 All Around.

Sydney Draeger scored 8.7 on vault, 7.2 on bars, 8.050 on beam, 8.575 on floor and 32.525 All Around.

Ryann Griffiths scored 9.3 on vault for 2nd, 7.050 on bars, 7.450 on beam, 8.3 on floor and 32.1 All Around.

From Salem, Elizabeth Butterworth scored 8.8 on vault, 7.075 on bars, 7.3 on beam 8.550 on floor and 31.725 All Around.

Level 4

The team placed third in the All Around.

From Haverhill, Mass., Cassandra King scored 8.75 on vault, 8.925 2nd on bars, 8.55 on beam, 9.0 on floor and All Around.

From Derry, Ashley McKinnon scored 9.1 fourth on vault, 8.2 on bars, 8.8 sixth on beam, 9.0 on floor and 35.1 sixth All Around.

From Windham: Sophie Sullivan scored 8.65 on vault, 7.7 on bars, 7.95 on beam, 8.375 on floor and 32.675 All Around.

Sierra Draeger scored 9.0 on vault, 8.1 on bars, 8.8 on beam, 8.3 on floor and 34.2 All Around.

Chloe Trachier scored 8.4 on vault, 8.25 on bars, 9.0 on beam, 8.65 on floor and 34.3 All Around.

Caitlin Higgins scored 8.65 on vault, 7.925 on bars, 8.35 on beam, 7.8 on floor and 32.725 All Around.

Allison O’Connor scored 8.65 on vault, 8.55 on bars, 8.6 on beam, 9.15 fifth on floor and 34.95 All Around.

From Hampstead: Vera Backman scored 7.85 on vault, 7.95 on beam, and 8.15 on floor.

Lucy Backman scored 8.55 on vault, 8.35 on bars, 8.6 on beam, 8.575 on floor and 34.075 All Around.

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