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May 2, 2013

NEGTC athletes score at state meet

New England Gymnastics Training Center of Hudson competed at the New Hampshire state meet for Levels 4 through 8 on April 6 and 7 at Pinkerton Academy.

Level 4 Team, 6- and 7-year-olds

Abigail Dion, Manchester, placed 2second All Around with a score of 36.95. She received an 9.3 on vault (fourth), a 9.0 on bars (seventh), a 9.2 on beam (second), and a 9.45 on floor (second).

Samantha Fortier, Londonderry, placed 11th All Around with a 35.025. She received a 9.125 on vault (seventh), an 8.90 on bars (eighth), 7.9 on beam (19th), and a 9.05 on floor (sixth).

Genevieve Lariviere, Hudson, placed 14th All Around with a 34.850. She received a 9.2 on vault (fifth), an 8.8 on bars (ninth), a 7.95 on beam (18th), and an 8.9 on floor (ninth).

Hailey LeBlanc, Pelham, placed 23rd All Around with a 33.3. She received an 8.9 on vault (14th), an 8.5 on bars (15th), a 7.9 on beam (19th), and an 8.0 on floor (23rd).

Molly Ireland, Hudson, placed 25th All Around with a 32.625. She received an 8.525 on vault (20th), a 8.15 on bars (18th), a 7.8 on beam (20th), and an 8.05 on floor (22nd).

Level 4 Team, 8-year-olds

Alexis Nicole Marble, Hudson, placed 11th All Around with a 36.625. She received a 9.6 on vault (third), a 9.3 on bars (10th), an 8.6 on beam (19th), and a 9.125 on floor (11th).

Lilly Maher, Londonderry, placed 13th All Around with a 36.4. She received a 9.275 on vault (13th), a 9.475 on bars (fifth), an 8.65 on beam (18th), and a 9.0 on floor (14th).

Sofia Cebrero, Hudson, placed 20th All Around with a 35.95. She received a 9.5 on vault (fifth), a 9.0 on bars (18th), an 8.65 on beam (18th), and an 8.8 on floor (21st).

Marline Fitzgerald, Londonderry, placed 21st All Around with a 35.925. She received a 9.275 on vault, a 9.35 on bars (eighth), an 8.05 on beam (28th), and a 9.25 on floor (seventh).

Jamie Carlberg, Derry, placed 26th All Around with a 35.375. She received a 9.375 on vault (ninth), an 8.75 on bars (22nd), an 8.05 on beam (28th), and a 9.2 on floor (eighth).

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