, Derry, New Hampshire

November 22, 2012

Derry News Santa Fund kicks off season

Derry News Santa Fund kicks off holiday season

By Julie Huss
Derry News

---- — DERRY — With November rolling right along and the holidays in sight, it’s not too early to start thinking of ways to reach out and help those who may be struggling this season.

Nothing says the holidays better than a gift of goodwill and help to hundreds of families and individuals in the Greater Derry and surrounding areas in need of support this year.

The Derry News Santa Fund is here to offer that help.

For more than 30 years, the Santa Fund has raised money to support those who need it most.

One hundred percent of the money collected goes to support the Derry Community Fund, providing food, toys and other means of support at the holidays and throughout the year.

The Santa Fund welcomes everyone who may want to share this season.

Area schools, churches, local organizations and businesses jump on the holiday help bandwagon to support the fund every year.

Special activities are planned to support the mission. With the economy still floundering, any and all help is welcome again in 2012. No donation, no matter how modest, is too small. It takes the entire community, coming together to share what they have with others who have less, to assist as many families as possible.

As always, the Derry News will publish stories of those who struggle, those who may need help with clothing, fuel assistance or food. People will share their stories of hope and how much they need a little extra to get through the holidays.

Students will share their allowance money, will do chores and other tasks to help the Santa Fund. We will share their good deeds and efforts in the newspaper as the holidays move forward.

The Derry News invites everyone to consider helping this season. No gift or act of giving is too small to make a difference in someone’s life.

Donations and those who already helped out will be highlighted in future editions of the paper. Everyone is encouraged to think about ways to give and help.

Tax-deductible donations for the Santa Fund can be mailed to: Derry News Santa Fund, P.O. Box 307, Derry, 03038, or can be dropped off at the newspaper office at 46 West Broadway during regular business hours.