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September 12, 2013

Letters to the editor

Bus practices raise safety issues

To the editor:

Recently, there was a School Board meeting in Londonderry. Because it’s a new year and the parents discovered that some new policies are not working, it would be presumed to be a good place to discuss these issues. Unfortunately, the board refused to let me, a parent, speak. As a result, I’m forced to choose another venue to be heard.

Not going into the cul de sacs and smaller side streets for the elementary school children is not working. It is a safety issue. The children have to walk two-tenths of a mile just to reach the bus stop which is an intersection of a busy cut-through road at the bottom of a hill. The bus driver ends up approximately 4 to 6 feet over the stop sign line. This is particularly dangerous once it’s icy if the driver can’t stop the bus and the children are too young or too startled to get out of the way.

Recently, I took pictures of both the children standing on the blind corner and the bus pulled up over the stop sign line. Four cars passed the area in the 10 minutes I was standing there. It only takes one to hit a child on the blind corner.

Another case in point, one mom was quite distressed when the bus driver directed her child to a car outside the Senior Center. Even though the child stated that she did not know what her sister’s new car looked like, the bus driver dropped her off and left. The car did not contain her sister, who was running from the house to the bus stop. Now the child doesn’t want to ride the bus and I think every parent can sympathize with the child’s fright.

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