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September 5, 2013

Letters to the editor

Let Woodmont build a bit at a time

To the editor:

The strategy is to go big, go for it all, and grind everyone down with endless PowerPoints long into the night.

Woodmont has executed that strategy and now wants everyone to just go away and let them have their way. “Let’s wind this thing up, everyone’s tired, just go home!”

The Planning Board in Londonderry has given Woodmont its way for two years. They let them present plans with an imaginary connection between the east and west sides of I-93 so they could claim extra acreage and less density. They allowed a lump-sum project when voters cried out for phased approvals because the thing is to be built in phases.

They now have a vague mess on their hands with a 260-page master plan proposal that glosses over things like traffic — you build it, we will come — drainage — replacing 10,000 trees with roofs and roads is no problem — and putting 600 to 800 kids in our schools from unspecified roads that school busses can’t use because of two-sided, all-night, on-street parking!

Let’s get real.

Let’s get control over these guys. Let’s start at the beginning where we first went wrong. Let them get going building phase one and then see what they really are trying to do.

I’m in favor of Woodmont phase one.

Jack Falvey


Rejecting Medicare funds may cost Republicans

To the editor:

During a recent panel discussion on New Hampshire Public Radio regarding the proposed expansion of Medicaid, Hillsborough Rep. Neal Kurk, a member of the Medicaid Expansion Study Commission, stood out for his thinly disguised contempt for the program.

Kurk framed expansion as an ideological question about the role of government that sounded painfully reminiscent of Mitt Romney’s famous “47 percent” remarks, implying that the poor should simply remedy their plight by taking “personal responsibility.”

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