, Derry, New Hampshire


September 6, 2012

Letters to the editor


Yes, the vet bills can be high but we have an arrangement in which we go there regularly and just pay their mortgage each month. But we save money on clothing. When we got the Newfoundland it meant that white clothes were out. When we got the Pyrenees all dark colors were out. So in the warm weather we can wear bathing suits — the hair doesn’t stick as easily to skin. In the winter, we wear those paper coveralls used for crime scene investigations. Not the most comfortable wardrobe but cheap and easy to clean.

At this time of year the floors are covered with Hitler moustaches and small cumulus clouds. We are considering Tyvek for the furniture but it only comes in one color. We each have a left hand, a right hand and a hand vac. Fortunately, the air lock into the carpeted areas works well.

And forget about privacy. Where we go, they all go. The Norwegian forest cat’s specialty is head-butting the bathroom door open so the rest of his crew can come in to inspect what is going on. Pets don’t let you take yourself too serious or let you go very long without a smile on your face.

We won’t have it any other way, what’s a little inconvenience in exchange for all that unconditional love, entertainment and companionship? Since getting the two Pyrenees and Aussie puppy, I’ve lost 20 pounds and lowered my blood pressure to 106 over 64 with a pulse rate of 52.

So the important question is: Who has rescued whom?

Dave Potter

North Hampton

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