, Derry, New Hampshire


June 13, 2013



Can anyone on the Planning Board please explain how allowing a company that intends to plant a field of dirty Dumpsters meets any of the above criteria? How will allowing the Dumpster Depot to exist in the TIF district result in higher value for the land, higher taxes and better jobs for Derry? It is the antithesis of all of those goals

I am an abutter to this property and allowing this business to exist in this location would seriously affect my family’s quality of life and result in a lower value for my home, not higher. The new owner of the property in question can provide all the lip service he wants in advance of the town approval. He claims that his company will do “all the right things” to prevent the place from turning into the town dump and attracting the types of vermin that usually accompany operations of this nature. I believe that all verbal guaranties will fade from memory once the town gives their approval and at that point the owner of the Dumpster Depot can thumb his nose at me right through my back window. This situation is close to what the AES did to Londonderry back in 2004.

Please stop this abomination. Stop Dumpster Depot. Protect the bedroom community feel that has brought so many families to Derry.



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