, Derry, New Hampshire

June 13, 2013


Derry News

---- — Register to vote for special election

To the editor:

There is a special election being held on Tuesday, June 25, at the Gilbert H Hood Middle School gymnasium. You must be a Derry registered voter to vote at this election. Poll hours are 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

You can register to vote or request changes to your voter record every day that the Town Clerk’s office is open. Also, by law, we have sessions of the Supervisors and you can come in then to our office, Room 104 of the Town Hall, and register or request changes.

Currently, we will be having a session on Saturday, June 15, from 11 to 11:30 a.m. Of course, if there is a large turnout, we will stay later. With the numerous hours that the Town Clerk is open, we find that most people register with them and then we enter the records and changes.

I’ve said this before and I will again: We have a right to vote in America. This is a privilege that many others don’t have. Please register and vote.


Supervisor of the Checklist


Dumpster Depot plans raise concerns

To the editor:

Dumpster Depot has submitted a plan to construct a facility on Ashleigh Drive near our homes and our neighborhood. People most affected by this (abutters and other neighborhood residents) are adamantly opposed to any type of construction of this nature being built on this land. The property was originally zoned residential when many of the homeowners purchased their homes; it is now zoned industrial. We do not welcome Dumpster Depot being so close to our homes and surrounding businesses. We feel this is the wrong business for Derry and the definitely the wrong location.

Many residents of Derry whose properties abut this construction site or even those not directly near this feel it would be a detriment to our community. There is no redeeming quality in having a Dumpster Depot so close to our homes. It does nothing to enhance the image of Derry that we want to give.

Our concerns are: aesthetic quality of the surroundings being destroyed (most of the wooded area has already been cut down), increased noise, drainage and contaminant seepage into our wells, air quality, visual pollution with increased lighting at night, vermin and increased mosquito activity (we have lots of health concerns).

Although the owner of this business has tried to assure us that he will follow every stipulation as outlined in the town’s regulations to make sure our concerns are put to rest, we are not confident that he will. It may be too late if he is allowed to build this and years down the road, we find that dangerous elements have already contaminated our lands and private wells.

If you run a business in this area, don’t you think it will be detrimental to your business? None of us is opposed to growth in our community; we welcome new businesses that will bring jobs and will fit in with the overall small-town feel of Derry. We think that Dumpster Depot will only bring down our property values, as well as create an “eyesore” for those customers who do decide to patronize the surrounding businesses (for example, the Cinema, Walmart, Woof-Meow, Hannafords).

We want to work together as a community to defeat this horrible plan.



Proposal would not ‘Move Derry Forward’

To the editor:

As a Derry taxpayer for close to two decades now, I find myself (and my neighbors) in a struggle to maintain the rural feel to my neighborhood and existing woodlands that surround it. Let me give you some background here. Back in 2010, there were three goals for the TIF District set forth in the “Moving Derry Forward” report to the Town Council (created by the Arnett Development Group).

The third goal reads as follows: Demonstrate via the Best Practices Guide eco-methods for internal water runoff, drainage, and trail and road designs to encourage maximum density, resulting in a higher value for their land, and higher taxes and better jobs for the community.

Can anyone on the Planning Board please explain how allowing a company that intends to plant a field of dirty Dumpsters meets any of the above criteria? How will allowing the Dumpster Depot to exist in the TIF district result in higher value for the land, higher taxes and better jobs for Derry? It is the antithesis of all of those goals

I am an abutter to this property and allowing this business to exist in this location would seriously affect my family’s quality of life and result in a lower value for my home, not higher. The new owner of the property in question can provide all the lip service he wants in advance of the town approval. He claims that his company will do “all the right things” to prevent the place from turning into the town dump and attracting the types of vermin that usually accompany operations of this nature. I believe that all verbal guaranties will fade from memory once the town gives their approval and at that point the owner of the Dumpster Depot can thumb his nose at me right through my back window. This situation is close to what the AES did to Londonderry back in 2004.

Please stop this abomination. Stop Dumpster Depot. Protect the bedroom community feel that has brought so many families to Derry.