, Derry, New Hampshire

June 13, 2013

Editorial: It's never too late

Derry News

---- — Some special graduates got a head start on commencement season.

The Upper Room recently honored 29 students with GED certificates through a partnership with Pinkerton Academy.

The GED program offers students who haven’t excelled in a traditional school setting an opportunity to earn their diplomas.

Similarly, the Londonderry School District last week celebrated 25 graduates from its adult education program, which has awarded diplomas to more than 400 nontraditional students.

The path each new graduate took to the cap-and-gown ceremonies may not have been straight, but they each persisted and triumphed.

Some say high school years are the best of life. That’s certainly not universally true. For some, like many of these recent graduates, the traditional classroom setting was anything but fun.

Countless reasons took them out of the classroom, but determination, hope and potential brought them back to a different educational setting. Many praised family, friends and mentors for supporting their unconventional journey.

But they are the ones to be applauded — for not giving up, for sticking to their goals, for overcoming some pretty tough obstacles along the way.

Undoubtedly, the communities will hear more from these graduates in the future. Their success is to be celebrated, no less than the upcoming traditional graduations.

Mortarboards off to you, graduates.