, Derry, New Hampshire


June 6, 2013

Letter: Response to tragedy proves city's greatness


It also made me think about my own home. I know that Derry isn’t in the same league as Boston — not even remotely — but I would like to hope that if something like that were to happen in Derry, that the outpouring of love would be similar. As a town we have been fortunate enough that — in my lifetime at least — there have been no large-scale tragedies.

But tragedy is what brought out the absolute best in the city of Boston, and that I think is what makes a community great. I have a lot of Boston pride, and it shocks me that someone could do something so heinous, so close to my home. I have faith that in a town like Derry, our own “helpers,” whether they were first responders or innocent bystanders, would show the sort of fortitude that the people of Boston showed when their home was under attack, because I think Derry is a truly great community.

Abby Rugg


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