, Derry, New Hampshire


March 14, 2013



I hope that this might serve as a model for other issues facing our state: how to present a responsible balanced budget, how to deal with damaged bridges and roads, how to fund the promise of an adequate education for our young people in an age of intense international competition.

These are not easy problems to solve. They require thoughtful discussion and a refusal to add empty rhetoric to serious potential solutions.

When we can face squarely and honestly the difficult fiscal issues facing us, and focus on finding New Hampshire solutions to New Hampshire problems, then we do our best to serve our community, our state, and all the working families and others who look to us for leadership.

Let’s use the bipartisan intention to solve problems as a way to move New Hampshire forward to better schools, better infrastructure and a healthy business and economic climate.

State Rep. Lisa I. Whittemore


Ayotte falls in with bad crowd

To the editor:

New Hampshire has always been a state of rational, intelligent conservatism. Sen. Kelly Ayotte has me worried.

After respectable service in New Hampshire state government, she seems to have gone insane in Washington. First, it was joining the attempt to politicize the tragedy in Benghazi, Libya. Now there is talk about her cosponsoring a bill that would support Israel if it starts a war with Iran. This would give Israel a green light for war. Insanity!

While in Washington, she seems to have fallen in with a bad crowd: Sen. Lindsey Graham, the poster boy of the extreme right wing politics; Sen. John McCain, a once honorable man who has become a fan of war. Most people gain wisdom as they age. I don’t know what happened with McCain. Perhaps that is the “maverick” in McCain coming out.

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