, Derry, New Hampshire


March 14, 2013


Work together for solving problems

To the editor:

On March 6, the New Hampshire House voted to accept a bipartisan solution to a problem faced by 77 communities across our state. With a vote of 302-34, we accepted a solution to a promise made by the state and about to be broken.

When the state budget estimates were being considered, there was an error in the process which told towns that they could expect the same level of stabilization grant as in the prior year. This was not correct. School budgets were presented and voted on at school district annual meetings and deliberative sessions all over the state based on this misunderstanding. Without quick action, school districts would have been forced to cutback or ask the voters for more money.

When the error was discovered, it took very little time for state Sen. Molly Kelly to step forward to address the issue; state Sen. Sharon Carson and I signed on to cosponsor the effort, which created the funds to keep the promise made to our community and 76 others.

As a result, Londonderry will be receiving the more than $300,000 it was told it could expect from the state of New Hampshire. Londonderry’s Superintendent of Schools Nate Greenberg said; “Passage of SB 40 is of significant importance, as failure to do so would require us to curtail purchases of supplies, equipment, materials and, in all likelihood, significantly limit the hiring of substitutes during the remainder of the school year.”

Instead of wasting time making political points, the New Hampshire Senate and House moved quickly to come to agreement across the aisle to provide the necessary funding to make this right. There were no misleading statements, no finger-pointing; the Legislature simply recognized the problem, and worked together to find a common sense New Hampshire solution.

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