, Derry, New Hampshire

January 3, 2013

Letters to the editor

Derry News

---- — Fight criminals,

not gun owners

To the editor:

First let me state that the event at Sandy Hook School was a great tragedy for the community and the country. My deepest of sympathy and prayers go out to the victims, their families and the community.

It is a sad time when demented and evil people plague our land attacking our innocent children in schools, our people in their houses of worship and innocent people in their homes. We look for reasons as to why, what could be done differently, what will make it stop?

The sad truth is you will never stop evil, demented or hateful people from committing these acts, they will always find away be it a firearm, bomb, poison, etc. There is no reasoning in the mind of these people, their actions are senseless and evil it is as simple as that.

We look to our leaders for insight and ideas. Truth to be known they too have no solid ideas.

So we blame shift to the inanimate object used by the actor. The sad thing is more children will be maimed and killed in vehicles today than have died in all the shootings this year. Do we call for a ban on cars? No. Why? Because it makes no sense to do so.

In a time when worldwide threats to the U.S. homeland have never been greater and in a post-Columbine world, our local, state and federal officials have not to my knowledge spent one dime on protecting our schools.

Where is the money for tightened security at schools? Where is the money for blast resistant entrances, windows and perimeters? Why do we not have plain-clothed armed security staff in our schools since we all know that schools are soft targets for the sick, criminals and terrorists who want to strike the most innocent.

The anti-gun politicians from local to federal levels will spend millions if not billions of dollars to convince the public that the answer is to ban guns from law-abiding citizens. By the way, law-abiding citizens do not shoot up innocent people.

I would be far more impressed if these same people put money into protecting our schools from criminals.

My question is this: Why did these people not use their power and influence to protect the schools by seeing that they had the funds needed to stop attacks? I will tell you why — their objective is not to protect the innocent. It is to disarm the people, to achieve their own personal agenda.

We need crime control not gun control. We need to hold the criminal actors responsible for there actions and we need to imprison and execute people who prey on the innocent.

Leslie E. Seaboyer


Strengthen families to prevent tragedies

To the editor:

There have been many stories in the news as of late that talk about abuse and neglect towards children, including the unimaginable event at Sandy Hook Elementary School. While we do not condone the behaviors and the trauma done towards children we must look beyond the horrific reports. We must think — what could we have done to prevent this from ever happening in the first place.

Prevention is the key. We know that prevention takes a longer time to show impact than intervention or treatment, so there is a reluctance to fund it. However, if prevention was looked at more seriously 20 years ago then maybe we could have prevented these tragedies from happening today.

We need to put an emphasis on prevention now in order to stop this from happening in the future. By providing education, support and funding to help our youngest population, they will be able to grow up strong. We need to strengthen both families and communities to help break the harmful cycles of the past.

Research shows that prevention programs such as the national “Strengthening Families” framework provide tools to help parents build on family strengths and create a family environment that promotes optimal child and youth development. By investing now, the children who grow up in strong and safe families will live in safe communities as adults and be better parents to their children, reducing the likelihood of more horrific reports.

Julie Day

Strengthening Families Director

NH Children’s Trust