, Derry, New Hampshire


August 1, 2013

Editorial: Walking on eggshells


When East Derry resident Erica Doyon’s brood of 18 hens turned out to include two roosters, she did the neighborly thing: She got rid of them. (There’s a thought, a rooster in every pot.)

If people aren’t neighborly, then rules and regulations have to come into play. But Derry shouldn’t take it too far.

In a community that holds the potato in such high esteem and works hard to conserve land, restricting residents from raising a few chickens or the stray sheep or cow doesn’t make sense.

If regulations become too restrictive, the only barnyard animals anyone will see will be those in the petting “zoo” at J&F Farms.

That would be a real shame.

Of course, if more people turn to raising chickens to guarantee the freshest of eggs, the town’s fox and coyote populations may start to grow. But as far as we know, no municipality has any rules that would apply to them, so chicken farmers beware and make those coops secure.

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