, Derry, New Hampshire


October 4, 2012

Column: Risking something in the classroom good for kids, too


But my attention kept going back to Matt’s group, and Matt in particular. This once stoic kid was suddenly a performer, a transformation as stunning as Robin Williams into Mrs. Doubtfire. Apparently, Matt would play several roles in his group’s skit. I knew this only because of several costume changes consisting of oversized bath towels and Burger King cardboard crowns.

At one point, I caught a glimpse of Matt wielding a plastic sword and wearing a helmet that was more “Gladiator” than “Thor,” but that didn’t diminish his performance. Matt can thrust and parry almost as well as Errol Flynn.

Finally, it was show time. At various points, Matt played a Viking father, raider, and even a god. He did so with passion and purpose, and with a grin as wide as the bow of a longship.

I feel most alive as a teacher when I watch a student take a risk, and become all the better for it.


John Edmondson is a teacher in Hampstead.

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