, Derry, New Hampshire


May 9, 2013

Letter: Shame on those who use Sandy Hook to attack Ayotte

To the editor:

As I see the negative ads the Democratic Party is running against Sen. Kelly Ayotte trying to paint her as not caring about the children of Sandy Hook , the only thing I can say is “Shame on you.”

The children were killed by a person that needed help. I think it is horrible that President Obama and the Democratic Party would use these children for political gain for their agenda and to take rights away from law-abiding people.

Thank you, Kelly Ayotte, for voting for my rights as a citizen of New Hampshitre and a proud American.

Many good Americans have fought and died so I can have the rights guaranteed to me under both the New Hampshire and U.S. constitutions. To use the children of Sandy Hook to promote an agenda is wrong and shameful of those (Democrats and Republicans) that have used this ad to attack Sen. Ayotte.

This legislation would do nothing to change the outcome at Sandy Hrook. Thank you, Sen. Ayotte, for standing up for my rights as it is quite clear there is an agenda to ban guns totally.

The Newtown tragedy was horrible, and all I can think of are my grandchildren and wonder why we would jeopardize their lives with these “gun-free killing zones.”

I would feel better if my grandson was in a school that had an ex-military janitor or teacher, qualified with a gun.

I think we should be looking at ways to protect our children and not misleading people with negative ads that imply the outcome would have been different if Sen. Ayotte had voted the other way. Stronger gun laws are proven to increase violent crime.

State Rep. Jim Webb


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