, Derry, New Hampshire


November 1, 2012

Letters to the editor

Obama works while others complain

To the editor:

The message I keep hearing from Republicans and even some past Obama supporters is their disappointment in the economy and unemployment. It is certainly the message that Romney and Ryan have been hammering away at almost exclusively. And most everyone is concerned about the hit on the middle class as incomes have shrunk and costs have gone up. Although federal taxes have not gone up for the middle class, New Hampshire is hit hard because we depend so much on local property taxes to pay our bills.

As a society we all owned a share of responsibility for the economic cliff we found ourselves on four years ago. Banks, Wall Street, corporations, CEOs, and politicians for all their shenanigans, trickery and deregulation, and consumers for their excesses and spending beyond their means. Yet I don’t hear anyone taking responsibility for our lack of progress, or helping to solve our problems. All the fingers are pointed at President Obama for not doing enough to “fix” everything. The reality is that no one president can rebuild an economy if all the major players refuse to cooperate.

And so I ask: What have all the Republicans done to protect and promote new jobs? Nothing! No bills or plans were even presented. The president’s jobs bill has been blocked, as well as tax incentives for wind energy, resulting in massive layoffs. What have banks done to help small businesses get loans? They have cut back on loans for small businesses even though they were bailed out. What have corporations done to increase jobs? They have figured out that they can make fewer employees work harder and longer instead of hiring, all while sitting on a mountain of cash. What have any of them done in the past 4 years to get this economy growing? Nothing.

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