, Derry, New Hampshire


October 25, 2012



“It’s just not a goal of ours,” he said.

Residents are split on the proposal as well, which has been under discussion for months. Opponents say taxpayers should not face a bill for a dam repair that primarily benefits Gagnon and his subdivision. Supporters say the dam is historic, dating to around 1719.

“The dam site has historical meaning to this town,” town historian Richard Holmes told Huss. “It’s older than this town is.”

The dam also creates a site of scenic beauty and maintains a source of water that flows into Beaver Lake.

“This pond gives Beaver Lake 75 percent of its water,” resident Ellie Sarcione said. “For the Town Council to not even look into it, I don’t even understand.”

Sarcione said people have offered to donate money to help the town keep the dam.

“I really think they should take a second look at this,” she said. “We need to get it back on the agenda. This is a diamond — save it.”

The Town Council should reconsider its vote. Too much of our communities has been lost, plowed under for development or simply forgotten. The Adams Pond Dam adds history and beauty to Derry, something all residents can enjoy.

If the council votes to accept the dam, it can then take time to consider options for its repair. But even the full replacement estimate of $150,000 isn’t much to preserve a piece of Derry’s history.

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