, Derry, New Hampshire


October 25, 2012

Letters to the editor

Support Coyle for county commissioner

To the editor:

I gladly support and endorse Kevin Coyle for county commissioner.

Kevin has the proven leadership ability as a Derry town councilor, chairman of a Derry charter committee and the highest professional integrity as a prosecutor for the Police Department. I have never witnessed Kevin retreat from a just cause and I know without any doubt that he will serve the best interests of all citizens in District 3 of Rockingham County.

Please vote Nov. 6 for Kevin Coyle our next county commissioner.

Mike Gill


Zoning decision ignored concerns

To the editor:

Your recent editorial affirming the decision of the Derry Zoning Board to allow an exception to the zoning laws and grant permission to the owners of a Hubbard Hill home to operate a gun sales business overlooked or grossly understated several issues.

First, though many of the other residents of our street were present at the meeting and voiced opposition — which was ignored by the board — not everyone was informed of the meeting or the request for the exception. The town is only required to notify the neighbors that border the property or are located directly across the street so only three of the 28 homeowners were notified. We live a few houses down the street and were not notified of the meeting or the request. Had we been notified we certainly would have attended the meeting and added our voices in opposition.

Second, your support seems to hinge on the fact that sales will be by appointment, as if that will limit traffic. There is no way to limit or monitor how many appointments will be held at the home, and it is a home, not a commercial building with parking beyond that for owners. My doctor, dentist, tailor and auto repair shop all see clients by appointment and they have dozens of appointments every day. What prevents or limits the number of appointments this seller can make? Nothing that I can see.

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