, Derry, New Hampshire

January 30, 2014

Letters to the editor

Derry News

---- — Try working for Derry, not against it

To the editor:

Thank you, Cynthia Messina, for your excellent letter (Jan. 16) citing the chronic distortion of facts that certain local demagogues use to support their pathetic “pot shot of the week” club. Recognizing town workers for their years of loyal service to our community is the right thing to do and the town should be commended for doing so. I’m going to go out on a limb and say it was worth what it cost me to give these hard working individuals an “atta boy.” But, once again, our resident self-righteous and self-proclaimed superhero of the almighty taxpayer has found a way to turn a nice event into an evil conspiracy. I’ve already ordered out her spandex superhero costume. And I want to thank “Captain Outraged” for letting us lemmings know what we can and can’t afford as taxpayers.

It’s too bad the municipal center wasn’t closed in time for the next taping of “Up Close and Political.” The only thing that train wreck needs is a big, black cauldron for Captain Outraged and Sideshow Bob to stir “as into the pot the poisoned entrails throw”, cackling all the while eviscerating anyone who isn’t them. With a laugh that is truly maniacal, fortunately, no one in town is laughing with them. And the hosts’ backs must be absolutely raw from all the back-patting that each gives to the other for all the things they haven’t done for our community.

After all, taking pot shots at good people in our town is the easiest thing to do, especially when justifying this narcissism and boorish behavior by conveniently revising history and constantly invoking the name of the almighty taxpayer. It’s so disingenuous it makes me want to puke. Keep in mind that New Hampshire enjoys one of the lowest overall tax burdens per capita in the country — and that’s not revisionist! Look it up.

Imagine if they spent as much time and energy trying to be positive and working to move Derry forward rather than smacking it down at every turn. Derry would be a much better place, wouldn’t it? I’ve tried to make Derry a better place through my work on the Derry Downtown Committee, Derryfest and at the Opera House, but it’s tough to compete with local cable access media hounds hell-bent on public humiliation of our citizens and the constant berating of our community. I can’t wait for the inevitable self-righteous retort!

Michael Gendron