, Derry, New Hampshire

August 2, 2012

Letters to the editor

Derry News

---- — Penn State penalties target the innocent

To the editor:

As a member of the Penn State Class of 1963, I am upset about the child abuse committed by Jerry Sandusky and the cover-up by Joe Paterno, Tim Curley, Gary Schultz and Graham Spanier. The lives of many young children have been adversely impacted by these men.

And that is my point. These five individuals were involved with these tragic events — not the assistant football coaches, not the football players, not the faculty and not the student body.

I believe the NCAA president and executive board overstepped their authority by imposing very harsh penalties on the Penn State football program and by extension on the entire university. The penalties will needlessly decimate one of the premier athletic programs in the country and could debilitate the entire university.

If the leaders of a corporation, its president or vice president, commit a crime, are the junior level managers and hourly workers punished? If a parent commits a crime, are his or her children punished for the crime?

The NCAA decided to use Penn State as a scapegoat example to thwart other university leaders from going astray. I think the NCAA should have stayed out of it and let the criminal and civil proceedings run their courses. The NCAA is persecuting innocent people.

Donald A. Moskowitz


Romney flips on

too many subjects


To the editor:

I feel I must write to the paper because Gov. Mitt Romney is just plain not telling the truth, for all the people who lived in Massachusetts and lost their jobs to outsourcing jobs to China.

He did raise taxes and he was also out of the state for a combined total of almost two years feeling the grounds for a run for the presidency. He strongly denied that but after leaving office he did take a run for the presidency. Also for those of us who remember back then he is using the same speeches today as he did then.

Calling our president a liar is a sin. This man has no respect when it comes to what he wants and he will try any cheap tricks to get it. Now he is using Hillary Clinton’s speech that she aired several times when she was running against President Obama in 2008 but Gov. Romney is using it as if she said it today.

I ask all of you Republicans to take a good look at this man. You can clearly see right through him. He is still flip-flopping on different subjects. He was going to repeal the Supreme Court’s decision on the Obamacare plan, now he is saying the court ruled it as a tax so we will leave it at that — it is a tax he now says. It is clearly the same tax plan he put through in Massachusetts. As I hope you can see, he cannot do anything on his own as he claims. It has to go through the Congress and you can clearly see how that works.

For the sake of our country please do not let Gov. Romney into the office of the president. He will certainly outsource more jobs than you can imagine and leave poor people without an income to support their families.

Kathy King


Budget cuts would hurt our defense

To the editor:

In a few months, if Congress does not act to prevent it, so-called “sequestration” — unplanned, severe, untargeted budget cuts — will hit the federal budget, including the defense budget endangering our national security. Our congressman, Frank Guinta, voted for this ill-written, ill-advised, reckless bill, and he recently admitted that these huge cuts could put the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard at risk of closure.

Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta described the grave impact of these irresponsible across-the-board cuts to Sen. John McCain. Panetta said that a “23 percent reduction would have to be applied equally to each major investment and construction program.” This large indiscriminate cut “would render most of our ship and construction projects unexecutable — you cannot buy three-quarters of a ship or a building ...” It would sharply reduce the size of the military, giving us the smallest ground force since 1940, the fewest ships since 1915, and the smallest Air Force ever.

Slashing the budget would disrupt war operations and support for our troops. Is it fair to ask our troops to fight in war zones while denying them the support they need? Maybe Mr. Guinta (and other tea-partyers) would like to take their place in an under-funded war? The military accepts men his age.

Even as we shred the defense budget, Panetta points out that the threats to national security will remain and we risk not meeting our defense needs. We do have enemies, and I am outraged that Congressman Guinta voted to weaken America and endanger us all.

Susan Mayer