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December 12, 2013

Letters to the editor


I only hope these 50,000 people remember this at the next election. As our great President John F. Kennedy said: “Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer, but the right answer.”

Jane Lang


Doors can model political parties

To the editor:

I find doorways intriguing, like the catchy cover of a book. What is the story behind the door? I have a collection of personal doorway photos from 32 countries. I am not alone, there are hundreds of books and thousands of photo collections available. What is the attraction, the physical doorway or what it might portend?

There are many ways to look at doorways, their size, color, material, design, strength and their number. One seldom thinks a doorway could be an icon for a political party, but I do.

When I see a tall, wide, clear glass, automatic double door that swings in, displaying a big bright welcome, that suggests an inviting and easy entry, I think of the Democratic Party.

When I see a single, narrow, heavy wooden door, unlocked with a passcode, a skin and voice scan with a members only notice above the gold-plated handle, I think of the Republican Party.

Behind the Republican door awaits a litmus test to access the inner offices: the anti-choice door, anti-immigration reform door, anti-government door, anti-science door, anti-tax door, anti-health-care door. If you don’t commit to any of these options you are directed to the exit door.

The Democratic door opens to a landscape of problem solving pods, no closed doors, no restricted areas, no loyalty test. Instead a suggestion box, in multiple languages, dominates the entry area along with a sign-up sheet for public service projects.

The doorways tell us even more|one is welcoming, suggests diversity, focus on moving forward, a positive attitude and openness to new ideas. The other is barrier like, ideologically restrictive, opposed to any and all change, with a generally spiteful attitude.

In the next election cycle I hope that the voters slam the door in the face of Republican candidates and show the incumbents the door that leads out of their offices and out of town.

Dave Potter

North Hampton

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