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December 12, 2013

Letters to the editor


Fourth, last month the non-partisan Commonwealth Fund published the results of a survey of 11 industrialized countries. Their findings show just how bad the status quo of our health care system is. The United States has the most complicated, most expensive and most frustrating health care system in the industrialized world. And none of it due to the ACA, most of which took effect after the survey.

Before the ACA, we had medical insurance cost inflation two- and three-times higher than the inflation rate, millions of people were thrown off their insurance policies at the whim of insurance companies. More than 30 percent of all medical dollars went to administrative costs, not medical care, the ACA ends that.

The Republican solution? Endless complaints about the ACA and tireless efforts to sabotage it. What have the Republicans offered in place of the ACA? The good old days -- an incorrect diagnosis and a worse treatment plan.

Michael Frandzel


Morse must answer for Medicaid position

To the editor:

What is New Hampshire state Sen. Chuck Morse going to say to the over 50,000 people -- a percentage of whom are probably his own constituents -- when he and his Senate Republicans have now denied them health care through the Medicaid expansion program starting Jan. 1, 2014?

These are the working poor who are working two and three part-time jobs making minimum wage to support their families here in New Hampshire, but unable to afford the high cost of health insurance. Feeling a lump, ill or hurt themselves, they will turn to the emergency room, where we the citizens of New Hampshire end up paying for these services through our tax dollars.

Not even our own New Hampshire insurance commissioner or the director of the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services felt Morse’s compromise plan was a viable one that would benefit our state’s families in this situation of being unable to get health insurance through their employers because they work under 30 hours.

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