, Derry, New Hampshire


December 12, 2013

Letters to the editor

Derry taxpayers have little to celebrate

To the editor:

This past Friday, Dec. 6, the Derry Municipal Building was closed for business during the hours of 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. for the annual employee holiday party. For the citizens of Derry that were unaware of the closure and who went to Town Hall to conduct their business, they were informed of the closing with a sign taped on the door.

In the 15 minutes which I was standing outside the Municipal Building during the time of closing, at least 15 people got out of their vehicles, walked to the door, tried to open the door and could not because of the door being locked, read the sign, shook their heads and then returned to their vehicle. Two of the individuals who stopped to speak to me said that they were on their lunch hour and were there to pay their tax bill and register their vehicles.

I do not know if the transfer station was also closed, I can only assume that it was, because like the Municipal Building it is manned by Derry town employees. If so, how many citizens of Derry were denied entry to the transfer station?

I am saddened to say that the Derry Town Council was not only aware of this closing, but appears to have condoned it. Were the town employees paid to attend the annual employee holiday party? Who paid the bill for the restaurant that catered the affair? Did the town of Derry rent a hall? How much did this celebration cost the Derry taxpayers who just received a substantial increase in their tax bills?

Town of Derry employees are well compensated monetarily for their work and in addition, receive health and dental benefits that you and I pay for that we do not see working in the private sector. Must we pay for holiday celebrations also? When I worked in the private sector, holiday parties were held after hours so as not affect business, and either the company paid for the party through proceeds from their yearly profits or we contributed monetarily.

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