, Derry, New Hampshire


April 3, 2014

Letters to the editor

Town Council is moving forward

To the editor:

As we have seen over the last year in Derry politics, change is difficult for some and impossible for others. Your Town Council is presently working as a team to find a new town administrator. There is plenty of room for discussion and debate as we move forward.

But, for a few of Derry’s notable sideline malcontents, politics is a blood sport. Rumors, gossip, and double-standards are their weapons of choice. Thick skin is required. Last year, I laughed when Mr. Gendron called me Benedict Arnold. Similarly, I was amused by Brian Chirichiello’s innuendo that my brief chat with two Londonderry officials was of a murky and sinister nature.

But, their latest orchestrated embellishments and hysteria are off the hook. Their delusions of local government overthrow and back-room conspiracies are amusing, but false to the core. Their collaborated witch-hunt (letters) last week harkened back to 1950s McCarthyism. “Have you now or have you ever been a friend of Kevin Coyle?” “Do you dine with Al Dimmock?” “Are you secretly trying to install an administrator under the noses of 34,000 residents?”

Mr. Chirichiello never accused me of being Mr. Coyle’s puppet when he asked me to be his guest at the Capitol last year. When Mr. Gendron saw Al DImmock, myself and a female friend seated at a restaurant, he smiled and said hello. He didn’t express any outrage or indignation when he had the opportunity to do so in person. Mr. Gendron cried foul only when nestled behind his computer and one click away from instant character assassination.

I am flattered that Derry’s self-proclaimed freedom fighters care so deeply about my culinary companions. Taxpayers should be asking themselves, however, why are these two intelligent and mature adults spreading rumors instead of proposing solutions? For what constituency do they speak? Why do they object to the Town Council rolling up its sleeves and looking for an administrator? What evidence do they have that anyone wants to bypass a proper search? Why do they fear councilors learning what other towns have done to find well-qualified candidates? Why do they believe that friendship must be akin to cronyism -Is it their paranoia speaking, or just their own personal experience?

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