, Derry, New Hampshire

December 6, 2012

Letters to the editor

Derry News

---- — I’m looking forward to serving you again

To the editor:

I am looking forward to going to Congress in January to serve the good people of New Hampshire’s 1st District.

For those who voted for me, thank you! For those who did not, please know that I will work on the issues that we all care about — jobs, education, energy, the environment, military and veteran issues, Social Security and Medicare, the debt, and all of the other matters we talked about through the campaign.

Although this is my third term, I went to Washington recently to attend the orientation, and I was pleased to hear the talk of compromise and cooperation. I am optimistic that we can solve the problems that we face. After all, we are Americans, and success is in our DNA!

Thank you for the honor of serving you again.

Carol Shea-Porter


Israel must

strike Iran first

To the editor:

According to various intelligence agencies Iran could have nuclear armaments ready for use against Israel by early 2013. The devices could be nuclear bombs, or more likely, nuclear warheads on missiles.

Diplomacy by the United States and Western countries has been given a chance, but it has not worked to deter Iran’s nuclear program, and Iran continues to develop its nuclear weapons.

Israel cannot allow Iran, and its irrational leadership, to have nuclear weapons because two or three nuclear detonations could wipe out Israel. Therefore, Israel must strike Iran with a multi-pronged attack, and it will only have one opportunity to neutralize the Iranian nuclear threat.

Israel’s military will have to be on general alert for an Iranian counter strike using conventional weapons. It is doubtful any of the other countries in the Middle East will come to Iran’s aid.

Israel cannot count on the Obama administration to come to its aid. President Obama erroneously believes sanctions will work to halt Iran’s nuclear armaments program, and at the same time he warns Israel not to strike Iran. Obama, with his coddling of Arab countries, is not a friend of Israel.

Israel’s survival depends on military action against Iran.

Donald A. Moskowitz


Debt is the real threat to America

To the editor:

When Obama took office in 2009, our national debt was $10.6 trillion. In November 2012, it’s now at $16.3 trillion. This debt was funded by borrowing from the government of China ($1.2 trillion dollars), Russian, Japanese, even British taxpayers kicked in hundreds of billions. But lenders have dried up, and now the Federal Reserve is forced to buy our own bonds — in other words, we’re just printing money like Zimbabwe or Weimar Germany. This massive inflation of our money supply has kept short-term interest rates down to nearly zero. Grocery and gas prices are another matter entirely.

If Ben Bernanke wants dollars to buy any groceries at all, at some point he has to stop just printing the budget. Fed Chairman Paul Volcker was famed for “saving the dollar” under President Reagan. In order to do this, he had to reduce the rate of dollar creation, and allow interest rates to rise. By 1982, the prime rate was at 21.5 percent.

But in 1982, the Federal debt was only $1.1 trillion. Now, it’s $16.3 trillion. If Bernanke tries to save the dollar with Volcker’s interest rates, 21.5% of our current debt will be $3.5 trillion. All federal taxes combined are about $2.9 trillion. So we would have to spend more than all tax collections just on interest payments, with no budget for anything else. No defense, no Social Security, no Obamacare, no farm subsidies, no Solyndra “investments” or bank bailouts.

The only solution is to stop welfare for the rich. We have to stop supporting bank bailouts, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, GM, Solyndra, etc. And we have to stop Obama’s undeclared wars in Libya, Pakistan, Mali, Yemen, and everywhere else. The U.S. military spends nearly as much as all other nations’ combined. Yet the only real threats to our security are Pakistan and North Korea, both of whose nuclear arsenals were purchased with our foreign aid.

The real threat to the children of the United States is the debt.

Bill Walker