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August 8, 2013



Corporations invest millions in upgrading plant and equipment to improve efficiency/effectiveness and gain a competitive advantage. They understand that growth and performance improvement requires investment.

Republicans refuse to pass an infrastructure bill, provide funding for a smart grid, spend money on research or any investments for future economic growth. Supporting business development is a great slogan but so far just a slogan.

Smart businessmen constantly review their real estate holdings, car/truck/jet fleet utilization, and vendor performance. There are no sacred cows in business, if assets are not needed or underutilized they are sold or written off. Poorly performing vendors are dropped. Management attention to expenses due to redundancy or underutilization is an intense, measured and continuous process.

Republicans would do better to focus on making government work better for their business base, and the country, instead of trying to destroy government for their extreme tea party base. Their current operating plan is no way to run a business or a country unless you don’t want it to run at all.

Dave Potter

North Hampton

Zimmerman case is sad on so many levels

To the Editor:

The Zimmerman-Martin incident and aftermath is sad on many levels. Martin is dead. Facing death threats, Zimmerman lives in hiding. Both families are devastated. People “getting justice for Trayvon” create other victims. The media demonstrated its corruption. Political pressure forced an indictment when one may not have been warranted, raising questions whether any of us can be assured of getting fair treatment by the law. The usual race-baiters did their best with the help of the media and President Obama to roll back our progress to a colorblind society.

People make claims without any evidence. A recent headline declares, “Would Zimmerman have picked a fight if he hadn’t been armed?” There is no evidence that Zimmerman either confronted or started any physical interaction with Martin. Others say Martin would be alive if he were white, yet who considers race, or anything besides survival, when someone who is killing us? The prosecution, the defense, and FBI investigators indicated that race was not a factor. If you spent many lonely hours trying to protect your neighbors from further harm, would the race of a suspiciously acting person change your actions? No.

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