, Derry, New Hampshire


August 8, 2013


Thanks for support of tougher standards

To the Editor:

The American Lung Association thanks New Hampshire’s Attorney General Joseph A. Foster for signing a letter to the Environmental Protection Agency in support of the proposed Tier 3 Motor Vehicle Emission and Fuel Standards which will make air healthier and save Granite Staters lives.

Motor vehicles are a major source of air pollution, causing premature death, worsening asthma and other lung diseases and increasing the risk of cardiovascular harm. It is estimated that this proposal, which EPA estimates could prevent up to 2,500 premature deaths annually, will cost less than a penny per gallon.

The new standards will clean up cars, trucks and SUVs by reducing the amount of sulfur in gasoline and setting stronger tailpipe pollution limits for new cars and trucks. These standards will additionally clean up all existing vehicles and enable us all to breathe cleaner air.

Jeff Seyler, President & CEO

American Lung Association of the Northeast


Can Republicans really run a business?

To the Editor:

For years, a major Republican campaign strategy has been a claim that if elected they can balance the budget, protect the country and make everything from the railroads to rickshaws run better. In other words, we are competent business people and will run the government like a business.

We know how successful businesses operate and there are concrete examples. Congressional Republican actions and ideas are not consistent with successful business practices. Claiming a competence and then violating its principles is dishonest, bizarre behavior.

Corporations spend huge amounts of money on employee education, training and health care. They consider this money necessary to help employees stay healthy and work smarter which improves innovation, productivity and profits.

In their company, our country, Republicans want to cut education funding, increase the cost of student loans, eliminate job training dollars and repeal healthcare reform. Investing in people is seen as unnecessary and an expense to be cut.

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