, Derry, New Hampshire

July 4, 2013


Derry News

---- — What do you think of the Supreme Court’s recent ruling on DOMA and same-sex marriage?

“This nation was ready for DOMA to be overturned. These things happen in their own good time. Same-sex marriage threatens no one, just as inter-racial marriage threatened no one 50 years ago.

Michael Corey


“I think it’s an unfortunate decision.”

Cheryl Shattuck


“I think it disregards the definition of marriage.”

Emily Shattuck


“Shouldn’t it be the same for everyone?”

Kory Deputy


“I am very uncomfortable trying to determine what someone else’s idea of happiness is. I happen to be a female who married a man, but if another person can find love with someone of the same gender, who am I to fight that or try to legislate that? You know, it hasn’t been that long ago that we were having the same discussions about interracial marriages and they are commonplace now.”

Wendy Thomas