, Derry, New Hampshire


August 29, 2013

Editorial: It’s time to decide on Woodmont Commons


Woodmont Commons is the first project proposed under the town’s Planned Unit Development ordinance.

There is a cautionary tale here. It seems that many times when community leaders are assembling master plans and designing new ordinances and policies, the goal is creating the document itself — with little thought to what these proposals mean in the real world.

Then along comes a project of the scope of Woodmont, and some in the community express shock and concern at its size and potential impact.

If Woodmont Commons is approved, Londonderry will change. The town will be more populous, require more services and employees to provide them, require more schools and teachers. Its roads will be more congested and traffic patterns will change.

This is not necessarily a bad change. But it is change. Town officials must decide if it is the kind of change that’s right for Londonderry.

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