, Derry, New Hampshire


August 29, 2013

Letters to the editor

Board made poor choice on Dumpsters

To the editor:

Well, there’s another pathetic performance by our cracker jack Derry Planning Board. They voted last week to allow Dumpster Depot to come into our community. It will be in our backyards, visible through the few trees that are left standing in our neighborhood, with their trucks starting their rumbling early in the morning until past dinner time. I can’t wait.

Yes, they decided that Dumpster Depot “in good faith” made some accommodations to the specific changes that were discussed at the last meeting in June and, golly, let’s allow them to come on in to our town “in good faith.” So when it was proposed that Dumpster Depot restrict their hours to begin operations a little later, well, that was shot down at this meeting in favor of what Dumpster Depot would rather have for their business hours.

We were told, Wal-Mart trucks come in all hours of the night and day with no restriction so what’s the difference? But wait, they aren’t hauling trash, are they? And they aren’t visible from my front porch either.

Dumpster Depot wants full dumpsters held overnight or over the weekend. The Planning Board says, “Sure, no problem — bring them on in! We love other people’s trash because apparently we don’t have enough.” We were assured that no “garbage” from businesses or households would be stored. That’s right, because passersby don’t throw their trash in open dumpsters when no one is looking, right? Trash, garbage, it’s all the same to me. The list goes on and on.

There were only two members of the board who actually stood up for the people of Derry and their concerns: Ann Marie Alongi and Al Dimmock. We thank you for the courage to say “no” when everyone else was afraid either to speak up or were snickering, or acted embarrassed or even chastised you because you did speak your minds (yeah, you know who you are). Ms. Alongi and Mr. Dimmock were truly concerned for us and what was best for the town, not how to make life easier for Mr. Paul and Dumpster Depot. The rest of the board was either very apologetic or very arrogant — but gee whiz, Mr. Paul did make an effort to meet some of the conditions and so yeah, welcome to Derry!

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