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August 30, 2012

Letters to the editor


Rita M. Correia

Town Treasurer

Frank L. Childs

Chief Financial Officer


Legislature has

done @headBriefs:well for N.H.

To the editor:

I would like to respond to a letter to the editor from Betsy Burtis, It seems that this letter is somewhat full of half-truths, and really doesn’t represent what I and other legislators have worked on in Concord for the past two years.

I pride myself as being a independent thinker and not a tin soldier who follows the leader and votes because I was told to vote that way.

The Republican-controlled House and Senate have been able to turn an $800 million deficit that was inherited from the Democrats into a balanced budget, and have also reduced some of the 100 taxes and fees the Democrats had imposed on citizens of our state in the process.

We managed to get Derry the $7 million back from the state that the Democrats took away from our education funding.

As far as expanding access to guns, our constitution clearly states the people have the right to bear arms and the Supreme Court has affirmed this. I do not believe we expanded access to guns. The requirements to own or have a gun has not changed. I did vote to allow people to defend them self against criminals — by the way criminals do not ask for permission to carry guns.

Burtis says we “allow 16-year-olds to drop out of school.” This is not as cut and dry as Burtis presented it. A 16-year-old cannot just decide not to go to school, the child must to have consent of the parents before dropping out. The reasoning behind this bill was if a 16- or a 17-year-old really doesn’t want to be there, they may very well be a distraction to the rest of the class and the quality of education goes down for the children that want to learn.

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