, Derry, New Hampshire


August 30, 2012

Letters to the editor


Those who pay little or no federal income taxes are largely elderly, infirm and mostly the hard-working poor who earn so little as not to reach the threshold for income taxes — based on our long-standing, humane progressive tax system designed to limit poverty. But the working poor do pay local and state taxes as well as federal payroll taxes (Social Security and Medicare). And the working poor and most middle-class taxpayers pay the full Social Security tax rate on every penny they earn, while those earning above about $106,000 don’t pay any Social Security tax on any amount above that. That’s a very clear tax advantage for the very wealthy.

So readers, don’t be suckered into feeling sorry for the so-called unfairness of our tax system to the super-wealthy. Listen to them and their advocates and you are being snookered. They are laughing at you all the way to their bank — in whatever country they keep their money.

Charlie Zoeller


Support Rausch

for state Senate


To the editor:

I am writing in support of Jim Rausch for state Senate. I have worked with Jim for many years and found him to be intelligent, informed, hands-on and someone who dedicates much of his time to make Derry and District 19 a better place.

Serving in the Senate requires intelligence, diligence, and an ability to recognize an issue and be a quick learner. Jim has these qualities and applies them to some very important issues that affect us all such as I-93, social issues, and education funding. Jim fights for lower taxes, and works to attract business to New Hampshire by supporting bills like HB 593 — a gaming bill that would have made New Hampshire the most attractive state in the country to locate a business and substantially reduce property taxes. He has supported education funding bills that ensure continued state aid to Derry.

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